Mentorship can be fun and exciting.

With menteasy, all the tools you need to engage your mentor/mentee and stay on your path to success. Easily match with a mentee/mentor and engage in fruitful mentorships.

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Mentorship is important for success.
We agree.

So how you use it in your career or life?

Choosing a mentor has never been easier and less intimidating. Having conversations with your mentor/mentee is made easier with our online platform. Eliminate the biggest barriers to fruitful and engaging mentorships. Be intentional, friendly, renewed and successful in your mentorships.

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Goal Setting

Goal oriented mentorships have greater chances of success. Start your mentorship journey with a goal in mind.


Setup and access all your meetings in one place.Make sure you do not miss another mentorship session. Sync with your Google calendar as well.

Automatic Check-ins

Check-in regularly with your mentor/mentee. These auto check-ins can be setup to run weekly or monthly, and without having to sign in and ask the questions, automate what information you want to know about your mentor/mentee.

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